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Osteoporosis – The Silent Thief

treasure your bonesOsteoporosis – The Silent Thief

It is a progressive disease which gradually weakens bones. Any movement or bump can cause debilitating fracture. Chronic pain and disability are the potential long term outcomes

This disease is characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone structure. Women post menopause, beyond the age of 65 years are more susceptible. However, it may occur at any age and in all races.

Men are also affected by osteoporosis. However, it has been adequately recognized, diagnosed, reported or researched in men.


Age > 65 or Any broken bones after the age of 50 years

Close relatives with osteoporosis

Smoking; More than 2 drinks of alcohol several times a week


Menopause before 45 years

Poor vision, even with glasses

Sedentary lifestyle

Any of the following medical conditions: Hyperthyroidism, Chronic lung disease, Cancer, Inflammatory bowel disease, Chronic liver or kidney disease, Hyperparathyroidism, Vitamin D deficiency, Cushing’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid arthritis

Long term ingestion of: Oral glucocorticoids (steroids), Cancer treatments (radiation, chemotherapy), Thyroid medicines, Antiepileptic medications, Gonadal hormone suppression, Immunosuppressive agents


Simple Preventive Steps

  1. EXERCISE : Be physically active everyday. Improve strength and balance. Weight bearing activities, like walking, jogging and dancing help strengthen bones.
  2. LIFESTYLE: Avoid smoking. Consume alcohol in moderation. Get adequate sleep! Vitamin D is manufactured in your skin following direct exposure to sunlight. 10–15 minutes exposure of hands, arms and face 2–3 times a week may be sufficient (depending on skin sensitivity).sunshine
  3. DIET:  Maintain a healthy and well balanced diet, rich in calcium and Vitamin D.  Additional supplements of calcium and vitamin D may be taken after consulting your doctor.
  4. PROTECT YOURSELF: Avoid falls. Make your home safe for an elderly person. Those who are prone to falls may use hip protectors.
  5. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR: Speak with a doctor regarding appropriate investigations like a baseline bone densitometry and starting medications if necessary. Report any problems with loose teeth, detached or receding gums, and loose or ill-fitting dentures as these are early features of osteoporosis.



Dairy Products: Milk including cheese and yogurt. Calcium fortified soy or rice milk.

Cereals: Nachni (finger millet) is very rich in calcium and makes a delicious porridge in addition to laddoos!

Vegetables: Raw Broccoli, Collard greens, Turnip

Fruits: Custard apple and calcium fortified juices.

Baked beans, soy beans and Tofu

Meat and Fish : Salmon, tuna. oysters, shrimps and sardines (but all fish in general). Lamb

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