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Bilateral total knee replacement (TKR) in an obese lady

This 94 kilogram lady presented with severe knee pain, which was grossly disrupting her quality of life. She was housebound for the last 6 months at the age of 65! Her radiographs revealed severe tricompartmental osteoarthritis of the knees.


standing antero-posterior radiograph



lateral view radiograph

She had a 10 degree flexion deformity at the right knee and severe limitation of flexion at the knee up to only 90 degrees. She underwent bilateral total knee replacement in the 2nd week of December 2015. This post is a documentation of her follow up at 6 weeks after the surgery.



Before surgery



after surgery


Knee flexion upto 130 degrees achieved after surgery

At 6 weeks, she was thrilled to be able to walk up and down 2 floors daily, without help from anybody! Although it is not encouraged, she was even able to sit cross legged on the bed. She even managed to drop 8 kilograms on the weighing scale!







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